The Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) successfully launched heavy and well-coordinated attacks against ISWAP/Boko Haram Terrorists on the fringes of Lake Chad, killing several of them and destroying huge arms and ammunition, MNJTF spokesman, Col Timothy Antigha has said.

According to Colonel Antigha, MNJTF launched air raids last weekend and destroyed several of the terrorists’ equipment, weapons and logistics..

“ISWAP terrorists and equipment including weapons, ammunition and logistics were destroyed in Tumbum Rego over the weekend.

“Air interdictions conducted by MNJTF and national Air Task Forces successfully attacked and killed several fighters and knocked outequipment on Saturday, 30 August, 2019 as they prepared to launch an offensive on troops location.

“Battle damage assessment has indicated that the air interdiction had a devastating impact, as pockets of ISWAP build up andlogistics hidden under trees in Tumbum Rego have been in ruined.

“In a related development, ISWAP assets in Mallam Zuberu and Alagarno were also targeted and neutralized. Similarly, improvisedexplosive devices planted by ISWAP operatives in Layi Koura area of Nguigmi in Niger Republic was discovered and defused by troops.

“It would be recalled that in the past couple of weeks, ISWAP suicide bombers struck in Kaiga – kindjiria; a rural community in the Republic of Chad as well as Gubio in Borno State, in an effort by ISWAP to revamp its dream of establishing a caliphate in parts of Northern Nigeria and other areas of the Lake Chad Basin.

“This blow by the MNJTF will further plunge the leadership and followership of ISWAP into more despair,” Colonel Antigha stated.


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