Dear PMB, el-Rufai,

As the battle for the mandate toughens up in the Confluence City, I know that interests are at stake and your collective choice is astutely positioned to bulldoze its way to bury conscience.

I know you have all the machineries set “to finally bury PDP in Kogi” (so reportedly said by el-Rufai); and the Kaduna Mallam along with other 6 APC Governors have been mandated to deliver victory to the Party unconditionally.

Unarguably, I know you (APC) did it in Ekiti and Fayose was cajoled to lick his injuries; you did it in Osun and the dancer Senator kissed the dust. You actually buried PDP in those States. Kudos Sir.

Now, you have taken the battle to Kogi. The battle isn’t about “our Party” vs “their Party” this time; it is actually about our well-being; it is about our consciences; it’s about our people not just the Party. This has been echoed in Oyo, Bauchi, Adamawa, Zamfara….

Your Excellency, my dear el-Rufai, I have been one of your numerous ardent supporters deeply rooted in your unalloyed principles. Your developmental strides are evidently stamped on Kaduna …the Roads, the public schools, the hospitals, welfare, etc. These dividends endeared you to the people and watered your victory in the second term bid.

Perhaps, PMB should be in Kogi to raise Bello’s hand as the Party’s flag bearer. Undoubtedly, Kaduna Mallam and his Team will beam their smiles while raising 4+4 fingers in these luxurious SUV motorcade branded by Bello/Onoja.

While you beseech Kogi for the political jamboree, Your Excellencies, I humbly wish you would juxtapose the reality on ground with your mission.

*  Do not get carried away by the luxurious SUVs armed with gallant shock-absorbers to cushion the effect of Potholes as you snake through the Lokoja township.

*  Please do not forget to lead the team through the “beautifully ugly” Ganaja Road to commission the fictitious “London Standard Flyover” at Ganaja.

*  Please endeavour to lead your Team to Ankpa/Anyigba in Kogi East; the deathbed  Road shall make a solid case for your consciences against your Campaign manifesto.

*  The messy conditions of the Hospitals (not Federal Medical Centres) across the State shall fortify your consciences against your choices.

*  Please, remind Bello to lead you to those eyesore public schools across the state; the tears of our children shall bath your consciences.

*  The Civil Servants have wailed helplessly in the last four years. We have buried so many in the bid to scale the hurdles of bottomless “screening exercise”. Governor Bello has admittedly adorned his guilt via the media and has pretentiously promised to right the wrongs in his second coming.

*  Please remember that while you set the pace for the 30% minimum wage payment, Kogi is still stuck in paltry percentage salary payment let alone the trending minimum wage.

Your Excellencies, if you think the boiling tears of our people are sheer crocodile-tears; if you think the sleeplessness are sheer hallucinations; if you think the graves of the dead are mere vegetable ridges; and you think we should “Do more” of these for Bello; you think we should change the gear for “next level” in Kogi, then go ahead and manifest your political mastery.

But surely, the heaven shall listen to the wail and voices of the people, and in Him alone we trust for justice and victory. We shall all give account of our deeds one day before our Almighty Creator.

Best of luck in your assignments in Kogi.


A Kogite



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