The Hate Speech Bill has received a bashing from another lawmaker, especially the provision for death penalty in the proposed legislation.
Speaking to  reporters on Wednesday in the National Assembly, Yusuf Ahmed Tijani said though the Bill was necessary to stem the proclivity of persons who might want the country to disintegrate through hate speech, he was against the death penalty included in the bill.
Tijani (APC Kogi), who is the Chairman House Committee on FCT Area Council and Ancilliary Matters  represents Okene/ Ogiri-Magogo Federal Constituency of Kogi State While reacting to the bill said:
“I agree with the bill, because if you kiok at what hate speech has done, it has gone a long way to cause disunity in this country.
” However, as regards the death sentence for those who perpetrate the crime, we should look at other ways to prescribe another kind of sentence. I do not subscribe  to it. I do not subscribe to it.” He said.
On the allegation that the bill is meant to silence the opposition, he said.
“one thing you should know is that government will come.and go nobody will ever remain in government. If you look at positive side of the bill, I think we should all support the bill.
“But the idea is to see how we can discourage some of those things that will cause disunity, some of those things that look very untrue, some of those things that will not promote the unity of this country.
“Because if you think that this is because they are in government today they wanted to silence the opposition, they will not be in government forever.
“There are some other states APC is not controlling, but they made the law for the general good of this country not in a particular state. Does that mean that if you are in APC state you commit a crime,  the law will not catch up with you?
“So we need to look at it holistically and let’s see where it will benefit the country but where it will not then we kick against it.”

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