DPR seals 25 filling stations, four Illegal Gas Skids in Edo


The Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, has sealed twenty five filling stations and four illegal gas skids in Edo state.

A team of investigators led by the Operation Controller Mr. Maynard Oriaifo who uncovered the filling stations said the list of the affected filling stations have been forwarded to the Benin Depot Management to stop them from lifting products.

The team discovered that a number of these facilities were neither licensed nor had any form of approval from the DPR and therefore did not meet up with government guidelines for establishing a retail outlets.

Also during the operation, four illegal gas skids were discovered and sealed by the DPR team of investigators.

Oriaifo said “some of the sealed gas skids did not follow due process before installing the gas skid which contravenes the laid down law by the DPR.

“Also some of the gas Skid owners did not have a valid license to operate while some of those which though have a valid license have expired and failed to renew it.Some of the plants were also found to be violating the safety practice.”

In a document made available to The Punch, the list of the affected filling stations to include Ekosa Ventures Limited along Auchi road, Business Trial Limited on Ohea road, U. Archa Petroleum limited, Viko International Limited on Benin – Auchi road, R – Ezie International Limited in Benin city and Inno Emerson Petroleum on Auchi Okene road.

Others are Sonowe Petroleum Company Limited, Muason Petroleum Limited, Obokhan Petroleum, A. Alexo Nigeria Limited, Alandia Oil Limited Amonat Petroleum limited, and David Cole and sons limited.

Also included in the list are Fuma and sons limited, Ivel Petroleum and marketing Company, Mosoboh Ewu, Miabet Nigeria Limited, Citizen Nigeria limited and O. Lamidi Petroleum Company Limited among others.

Oriafo informed all petroleum marketers that there is an embargo on installing gas skid at retail outlets and they should comply to avoid appropriate sanctions.

He also disclosed that during the exercise, over fifteen filling stations were checked for product adulteration. Ten samples were taken from the stations out which eight were AGO and two were DPK.

The marketers were also advised to maintain proper house keeping in their facilities or they will face sanctions from the DPR.

The DPR said they found out during the exercise that some of the filling station were not complying with proper house keeping practice and this could lead to possible hazard if not curtailed in time.

The Operation Controller advised members of the public to report any suspected illegal filling station or gas plants within their environment to the DPR office in Benin


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