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Who ‘ate’ ₦227m staff dues at N/Assembly?


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How will the National Assembly resolve the alleged diversion of ₦227m union dues paid by staff in two years?

Many eyes are now on the management of the National Assembly as well as the exco members of its chapter of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN) to see how well the matter can be resolved as angry workers mount efforts towards bringing law enforcement agencies into the issue.

Angry staff of the National Assembly are insisting that the Inspector-General of Police should investigate alleged mismanagement of N227m staff dues.

In a petition forwarded by members of the National Assembly chapter of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN), they allege that three particular officials who have been on spending spree may have mismanaged deductions and staff check-off dues totaling N227m.

Their petition to the police was titled ‘Gross abuse of office and total disregard of the association financial rules by Sunday Sabiyi, Stacy Nwodo and Samtiya Daniel to the tune of ₦227,200,000’.

“We are members of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN), National Assembly chapter, by virtue of which we are conversant with workings of the union. We are compelled to write this petition because of the financial illegalities and recklessness perpetrated by the trio of Sunday Sabiyi (Chairman), Stacy Nwodo (Financial Secretary) and Samtiya Daniel (Treasurer).

“It is important we state that presently with the newly-recruited staff, and with the commencement of deduction irom Ads, DDs and Directors, the check-off dues deducted stands at ₦227,200,000 only.

“The trio of Sunday Sabiyi, Stacy Nwodo and Samtiya Daniel have embarked on spending spree without recourse to the laid down rules in the constitution. See Rules 19 (2), 15 (4) (n) and 20 (h) of the PASAN Constitution of 2015, i.e., spending without the approval of the Council. See document attached, marked as Exhibit A.

“As a result of the intra­-union crises of 2020 which led to the suspension of some Executive Council members of the chapter, the National Executive Council which is the highest decision-making (body) of PASAN, directed in a meeting that the people appointed in acting capacities should desist from parading themselves as such but Sunday Sabiyi flouted the directive in a bid to justify his wanton spending . See page 5 of the attached document, i.e. minutes of the NEC meeting. See document marked as exhibit B.

“We have to state also that the check-off dues collected so far can be summarized as follows:

1.In the year 2020, ₦5,500,000 monthly X 12 months = ₦64 million

2. In the year 2021, ₦6,700,000 monthly X 12 months = ₦80.4 million

3. In the year 2022, ₦6,900,000 monthly X 12 months = ₦82.8 million

“The total of the above sum is ₦227,200,000 (Two Hundred and Twenty Seven Million, Two Hundred Thousand Naira Only).

“It will be amazing to hear that all efforts to get the trio to give account of their expenditure fell on deaf ears.

 “We urge you to use your office to freeze the account of the association with the Account Name: Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, Account Number 0094773128, Diamond Bank and investigate the trio to ascertain the individual level of culpability and financial recklessness and bring them to book,” the union members stated.

It was learnt that the management of the National Assembly may be working towards getting the angry union members to withdraw the matter from the police so as to make for what someone described as ‘in=house resolution of matters that may further complicate public perception of the National Assembly’s image over corruption allegations’.

Mr. Akinjide Babalola is a seasoned journalist par excellence. He's been in the journalism business for the better part of the past thirty years!


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